Commitment to Social Corporate Responsibility


To conduct business openly and honestly, WABCO will avoid conflicts of interest and corruption.

We will obey the law of the countries in which we operate and respect the dignity of every individual.

WABCO builds mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and service providers. We comply with all regulations and contractual commitments regarding the use of intellectual property and with the law in all jurisdictions in which we do business, including especially any competition law requirement.

WABCO is committed to protecting the environment, respecting Human Rights and maintaining a safe and friendly workplace, throughout our supply chain.


The information contained within this manual applies throughout WABCO’s Global Sourcing & Purchasing organization to our employees, customers, suppliers and consultants.


Our Code of Conduct


WABCO is truthful and forthright about communicating its performance and expects our employees to avoid situations that would compromise their objectivity at work.

WABCO makes every effort to build long term relationships with suppliers and award business to them on the basis of the value they provide to our business or our customers.

When dealing with suppliers, WABCO:

  • Refrains from accepting gifts, favors or entertainment of greater than nominal value
  • Provides fair and open information to any supplier competing for our business
  • Protects our suppliers’ proprietary information
  • Does not make unlicensed copies of software licensed to WABCO by a supplier or incorporate it into our own software

WABCO complies with national and international anti-trust laws in all countries in which we do business and maintain an active global program for educating our employees in compliance with these laws.

WABCO does not participate in conversations or understandings – either formal or informal – with its competitors that involve prices, territories, market share or customers to be served.

WABCO prohibits money laundering and does not make political contributions.

And last but not least, WABCO is committed to providing challenging, meaningful and rewarding opportunities to all employees, regardless of race, religion, color, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Should you like to learn more, please visit our webpage where you will find WABCO Code of Conduct.


Conflict Mineral Policy


The Conflict Mineral Policy has been designed to support the humanitarian objective of ending ongoing violence funded by the trade of conflict minerals from the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding countries ("Conflict Region").

WABCO fully supports U.S. legislation on the supply of conflict minerals, including the rules adopted by Securities Exchange Commission. Conflict minerals include gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten. The U.S Secretary of State may designate other minerals in the future.

WABCO endorses the objectives of the U.S. legislation to address the trade of conflict minerals.

WABCO will not knowingly procure minerals from the Conflict Region unless they are certified as conflict-free by an independent third party.

WABCO is committed to complying with the due diligence requirements to determine the source of conflict minerals used within its products and expects its suppliers to assist with this task.


We expect our suppliers to ensure compliance with U.S. legislation on the supply of conflict minerals, including the rules adopted by Securities Exchange Commission.

Should you like to learn more, please visit our webpage where you will find WABCO Conflict Mineral Policy.


The Environment


Protection of the environment is an integral part of WABCO’s vision. All of WABCO’s manufacturing plants are certified according to ISO 14001, based on the firm believe that ‘excellence in execution’ will only be achieved by continually improving our environmental performance, including the use of permitted materials, energy conservation and waste reduction.

WABCO implements ISO150001 Energy management at larger locations, to ensure a higher focus on energy conservation and with that, CO2 reduction.


We expect our suppliers to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations in force in the country where their products are delivered. In terms of environmental management, suppliers must conform to the latest version of ISO 14001. In addition, suppliers must comply with WABCO’s environmental policy and the WABCO JED Standards to avoid hazardous substances (JED-762).

Any complaints from WABCO suppliers should be addressed in line with REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

Parts are only to be provided with the material data MDS record (Material Datasheet) and must include the IMDS ID number in the initial sample cover sheet (PPAP PSW). MDS is recorded in the IMDS (International Material Data System).

We expect our suppliers to protect the environment by being responsible and by ensuring excellence in the design, manufacturing, distribution, recycling and disposal of the products they create.


Health and Safety


At WABCO we value people and take health and safety very seriously. As such, WABCO has implemented and is certificated for the Occupational Health and Safety standard OHSAS18001 (ISO45001). We lead by example and nurture a culture of responsibility towards health and safety among our colleagues, customers and business partners.


WABCO has a specific policy for health and safety which we expect our suppliers to adhere to. This includes:

  • Safety principles govern our daily work – working safely is a condition of employment at WABCO
  • Our processes are designed to perform better than, rather than just comply with, laws, rules and regulations determined by local, state, province or federal jurisdictions
  • WABCO has a comprehensive ergonomic program in place to protect our people today, but also for the future
  • We have a moral obligation to report all health and safety risks. This includes reporting any incidences of child labor and other exploitative activities
  • We treat all incidents regarding safety, health, assets and property damage as a process deficiency that can be avoided based on Six Sigma Lean principles. We truly believe that preventing accidents is an important part of our social responsibility
  • All accidents must be investigated by a formal procedure. In case of an accident involving WABCO employees at our supplier site, our supplier must take full responsibility for the care and needs of the affected employees
  • We communicate to all our employees in an honest, clear and fair manner about the relationship between our processes, safety, health and the environment


In addition:

  • We expect all WABCO suppliers to conduct business in the same honest, clear and fair manner and that goods and services should be delivered to our locations in a safe, ergonomic and healthy fashion
  • We encourage all suppliers to follow the principles and implementation requirements of OHSAS 18001 (ISO45001) in their activities, including making a commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health. We expect them to pursue continuous improvement
  • Suppliers must understand and respect WABCO’s commitment to safety, health, environment & security
  • When suppliers visit our facilities they must obey all warning signs and plant visitor rules. When WABCO employees visit supplier sites, the supplier must provide them with the necessary information and instruction to ensure their safety. As appropriate, this will include the provision of adequate personal protection equipment

WABCO suppliers are responsible for making sure that their suppliers also meet these environmental, health and safety requirements in order to protect WABCO’s supply chain.


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