Trailer Aerodynamics

With an innovative aeronautical technology applied to road vehicles, these unique aerodynamics devices for trailers offer significant fuel savings on long range distances at highway speeds. WABCO entered the field of aerodynamic solutions for commercial vehicles – leveraging technology to reduce air drag and increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency – with the introduction of OptiFlow™, our new range of aerodynamic products. The first product in the OptiFlow range is the SideWings for trailers, innovatively designed and constructed to increase your vehicle's efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. It was soon followed by OptiFlow Tail to optimize the aerodynamic drag at the back of trailers.

OptiFlow™ SideWings

Proven aerodynamics deliver up to 1.5L / 100km fuel savings at highway speed, and reduce wet road spray.

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OptiFlow™ Tail

Easy to install and retrofit, this saves up to 1.1L fuel / 100km at highway speed.

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Aerodynamics Technology

WABCO's OptiFlow™ product line utilizes latest aerospace research tools and methodology to deliver a step-change in long-haul trailer aerodynamics. SideWings and Tail were developed to cost-effectively reduce highway fuel consumption.

About OptiFlow Technologies

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