Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

If a truck or bus stays in the right lane, at the right speed, with the right tire pressures and is fitted with the smartest collision protection devices, then it travels more efficiently and more safely. That's exactly what WABCO's Advanced Driver Assistance systems help to achieve all of the time.



An active safety system that is able to provide autonomous emergency braking on vehicles and pedestrians ahead to help prevent impending collisions.

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Actively intervenes to correct the vehicle's driving path when detecting an unintended lane drift to help avoid potential collisions and run-off-road accidents.

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OnCityASSIST™ Urban Turning Assist

Advanced Urban Turning Assist supports drivers to help protect cyclists and pedestrians in one of the most challenging maneuvers involving a commercial vehicle.

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A 'radar-only' Advanced Emergency Braking System that helps to prevent impending rear-end collisions - even in low visibility conditions.

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This Lane Departure Warning System identifies unintentional lane drifts and alerts the driver to take corrective action to help avoid potential collisions and run-off-road accidents.

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Leveraging robust technology to pioneer city safety.


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TailGUARD™ Truck and Bus

WABCO's new blind spot detection solution for your truck and bus.

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WABCO's predictive economic cruise control offers fuel saving potential by adjusting vehicle speed to undulating road topography.

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With WABCO's next generation tire monitoring system, journeys can be not only safer but more economical.

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