Recognition of WABCO (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. as Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter

go site  On March 10th, 2017, WABCO (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. is recognized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce as Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter of WABCO.

With the authorization of WABCO Holdings Inc., WABCO (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., acts as Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter to provide the following functions of management and services:

  • Business strategic advice and management consulting services;
  • Financial management consultancy;
  • Quality control and management services in relation to product procurement;
  • Legal supports; and
  • Personnel training and general management services.

enter The subsidiaries managed by Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter are as follows:

1)     WABCO (China) Co., Ltd.

2)     WABCO Logistic (Qingdao) Co., Ltd

3)     Shandong WABCO Automotive Products Co., Ltd.

4)     Guangdong WABCO FUWA Vehicle Brakes Co., Ltd.

5)     WABCO (Thailand) Limited

6)     WABCO Asia Private Ltd.

7)     WABCO Japan Inc.

8)     WABCO Korea Ltd.

9)     WABCO Hong Kong Limited

10)   WABCO Australia Pty Ltd.

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