Sourcing & Purchasing at WABCO

Our mission is to provide customers with exceptional quality and delivery at a competitive cost to support WABCO's innovation, while also ensuring sustainability across our supply chain based on high ethical and environmental standards.

It’s the foundation for everything we think, say and do.

That’s how WABCO keeps its place at the leading edge of the automotive industry. By pioneering technologies that meet the needs of customers across every region, whilst growing capabilities by continuously investing in our global infrastructure.

The combination of this innovative world view, technological leadership and clear focus on rigorous execution across our supply chain, continues to set WABCO apart.


Working together

To stay at the forefront of our industry, we must maintain the right supply base – working with partners who support our business growth as much as we do theirs.

A good partnership is one that is mutually beneficial, with common shared aims:

  • Customers, both internal and external, must trust us to deliver, day-in-day-out.
  • Quality is paramount. ‘Zero defects’ is the ultimate goal. That’s why we only work with best-in-class suppliers.
  • Cost is important. But profit must never be at the expense of quality.
  • Delivery is what we are judged by. We only work with suppliers who we know can deliver right-on-time.
  • Leading mindset – Sourcing and Purchasing is a key function that supports WABCO’s business.


Safety first, efficiency always

By creating and supplying products and systems that enhance the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles, WABCO will continue to be an industry leader. Our suppliers will share in that success.


What we look for and buy

WABCO Sourcing & Purchasing is the global group function that buys parts for 7 of the commodities that support Direct Manufacturing and Indirect Materials. Those commodities are the following:

Electronics Mechanical Parts Ferrous/Metal Castings & Forgings Non - Ferrous Metal Castings Plastic & Rubber Metal Formed Parts Standard Parts Indirect Materials


Power Circuits

Printed Circuit Boards

Integrated Circuits and Memories

Passive Components

Active Sensors

Electronic Assemblies

Sensor Elements

Solenoid & Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Parts

Electromechanical Assembly

Speed Sensor Parts

Other Speed Products

Joint Developments

Cable Assemblies


Original Equipment Trading

Over Molded Cables

Printed Circuit Board Frames

Electrical Motors

Assembled Cables


Coil Cables


Sintered Metals

Compressor Valves

Cold Pressing

Ductile Iron

Grey Iron

High Pressure Die Casting


Zinc Casting




High Complex Parts

Mid Complex Parts

Low Complex Parts

Hoses & Tubes

Ceramic Parts

Bonded Part

O-ring, Gasket and Seals

Lip Seal and Rings


Boot, Bellow and Hoses

Gasket and Valves

Deep Drawing Process

Dedicated Stamping

Stamping / Bending / Forming Process

Technical Springs

Power Springs

Flat and Bent Springs




IT (software and hardware)



Machine Tools and Equipment

Office Supplies

Process Materials / Consumables

Tools, Appliances, Gauges

Vehicle Parts

Services (e.g. consulting, travel, HR, leasing)

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