Major Milestone

WABCO Manufactures 3,000,000th Automated Manual Transmission

BRUSSELS, Belgium, September 17, 2015 – WABCO marked yet another milestone of its sustained technology leadership. The company’s manufacturing center of excellence in Hanover, Germany, recently produced its 3,000,000th Automated Manual Transmission, or “AMT” for short.

WABCO introduced this breakthrough safety and efficiency technology nearly 30 years ago. AMT combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the efficiency of a manual transmission. It reduces driver fatigue by freeing operators from frequent gear shifting and, thereby, enabling them to pay even more attention to road and traffic conditions. In addition, automated manual transmissions help improve the fuel efficiency of heavy-duty trucks and buses by up to 5 percent. 

Today, truck and bus makers continue to adopt WABCO AMT in markets around the globe to continuously improve the safety and efficiency of both drivers and commercial vehicles.

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