With WABCO, you’re the specialist.


Find a full set of specialized tools for professional diagnostics:

  • Medical specialists and commercial vehicle repair professionals face pretty much the same challenges: They both have to examine (sometimes vague) reported symptoms, find the cause, and suggest an appropriate treatment to cure the problem.
  • Treating the patient is easy:But to come up with the right diagnosis, you need a medical degree, experience and a lot of specialized equipment.
  • Repairing commercial vehicles is easy too:When you know the cause of moist in a vehicle, it’s no real challenge to replace the window seal. And once the ECU has told you the problem, changing the defective component on your trailer or truck is fairly easy too.
  • Setting the right diagnosis is a specialist’s work:This is what your customers expect from you, no less. You need all your knowledge and experience to detect the problem. And still, without the right tools, it is sometimes a trial and error you actually cannot afford.
  • To make your job easier:WABCO now provides you with a complete range of high-tech diagnostic tools for commercial vehicles.

Leakage Detector

In systems with non-flammable gases under pressure, leaks can be detected with ultrasonic technology. The WABCO Leakage Detector transforms the ultrasonic signal into audible sound and shows the size of the leak on-screen. It’s convenient, quick and clean.

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Ultrasonic Transmitter

Identifying tiny leaks in door and window seals was a time-consuming and complicated challenge for any workshop… Until the WABCO Ultrasonic Transmitter came along. Probably the most reliable solution on the market.

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Mobile Test Bench

The ideal device if you frequently work on brake component repairs and claims-handling. It delivers precision and an extended pneumatic functionality – all at an affordable price.

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Air Brake Test Case

Measures the pressure in a vehicle’s braking and suspension system. A particularly useful tool for workshops that perform official vehicle inspections. Better still, the latest version is even more mobile and user-friendly, making it ideal for on-site inspections.

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System Diagnostics

Say goodbye to vague driver complaints and the wasted time of technical guesswork. This vital software gives you direct access to the Electronic Control Unit – quickly and accurately identifying any real issues.

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Strong contaminations of vehicle parts and tools with oil and grease are challenging problems for every repair workshop which often require the use of aggressive chemical solvents. WABCO now offers a cleaning solution which even cleans heavily contaminated parts in a fast, secure and completely natural way: WABCO BioCircle.

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