System Diagnostics

WABCO System Diagnostics is vital software that gives you direct access to the Electronic Control Unit and to quickly identify any problems that occur. Everything about this software is set up for your convenience and to meet your specific needs. With this tool, vague complaints and poor information are a thing of the past.

Making a diagnosis is a specialist’s job. When vague complaints don’t point to a specific condition, it takes a medical specialist to operate the X-ray machine, perform a full body scan and interpret the results correctly. With WABCO System Diagnostics you can look into all the ECUs and identify the problem quickly. With WABCO, you become the specialist.

A truck entered the workshop with a defective braking system. We installed a new EBS, but to enter the specific and extensive parameters in the new modulator, the ordinary multi brand diagnostic software lacks functionalities. Then you have two options: send the vehicle to the manufacturer’s workshop, or do it yourself with WABCO System Diagnostics

Benefits to facilitate your job
  • Easy access to 40 different WABCO components
  • Fast diagnostics
  • Professional solutions
  • Specific and directly actionable applicable information
  • Intuitive software available in your language
  • Hotlines supporting users worldwide, available for complex and safety critical problems or subscription to a training
Indispensable software fitted to your needs
  • Runs on most rudimentary PCs and operating systems
  • Easy download (on your existing hardware)
  • Regular free software updates
  • Easy connection to the vehicle via WABCO diagnostic interface
  • Choice of subscription
    • Full (Truck, Bus, Trailer & Light Vehicles)
    • Truck only
    • Bus only
    • Trailer only
    • Light Vehicles only
  • User-friendly software structure allowing intuitive usage
  • Rigid safety measures with
    • PIN-protected parameter setting for some of the component settings
    • E-learning & classroom training to give access to PIN-protected areas
WABCO System Diagnostics
  • more than 20,000 registered users worldwide
  • is used on a daily basis and endorsed by more than 2,400 WABCO Service Partners
  • is built on more than 25 years of diagnostic experience
  • uses the proven expertise of 150 years in automotive parts manufacturing
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