Mobile Test Bench

The Mobile Test Bench is the ideal device if you frequently work on brake component repairs and claims handling. And you know what? With the Mobile Test Bench you can count on precision at an affordable price and have extended pneumatic functionality.

To reanimate vital parts is a specialist’s job. When vital organs fail, an emergency team with a defibrillator on the spot is a life saver. With the WABCO Mobile Test Bench, you can test and repair vital brake components, in your workplace or anywhere else. With WABCO, you become the specialist.

When we are repairing a vehicle with a defective braking system, it is often difficult to identify the braking part which is causing the trouble. This often takes a lot of time and increases the downtime of the vehicle. With the Mobile Test Bench this is over: now we can check in detail directly and avoid unnecessary extra repair time.

Benefits to support your job
  • Handy, compact and flexible trolley design
  • Robust but light (only 22 kg) German quality
  • High-precision measurement at an affordable price
  • Suitable for official testing of brake components of commercial vehicles
  • Multi-purpose usage
    • Pneumatic testing of brake components
    • Post-repair check-ups
    • Vehicle inspection in a workshop environment
    • Pressure behaviour measurement of brake and suspension system
    • Brake simulations (based on precisely controlled brake pressures)
An indispensable tool for efficient precision tests
  • High precision (100 mbar scale) for application and measurement of pneumatic pressure
  • Calibrated and easily replaced 16 bar pressure gauges
  • Quick straightforward operation due to compact dimensions
  • Clear operating and display instruments
  • Fast and convenient transport by means of integrated rollers and telescopic handle
  • Removable cover means it can be placed on any workbench
  • 6 different-coloured compressed air hoses for non-interchangeable brake component tests
  • 3 independent circuit pressures (applications up to 12 bar)
  • 4 independent measurement circuits (measurements up to 16 bar)
WABCO Mobile Test Bench
  • is built on more than 25 years of diagnostic experience
  • uses the proven expertise of 150 years in automotive parts manufacturing
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