Leakage Detector

WABCO has designed a convenient, time-efficient and clean solution for you. In systems with non-flammable gases under pressure, leaks can be detected with ultrasonic technology. The WABCO Leakage Detector transforms the ultrasonic signal into audible sound and indicates the size of the leak optically on a display.

Finding the weak spot is a specialist’s job. A heart condition, an airway obstruction or just a common cold? In the right hands (and ears), a stethoscope will provide the answer. Now you can use the WABCO Leakage Detector to hear any leak in any system. With WABCO, you become the specialist.

When a truck comes in for service,we do a two-minute routine check for leaks. On one occasion, we identified 2 smaller leaks caused by two worn out screwing connectors. To avoid further damage and costs, we repaired them. The result: a customer that was very happy we were so thorough, and some additional business for the workshop

Benefits to professionalise your services
  • Extremely time efficient in what used to be a time consuming job - if there is a leak you will find it within 2 minutes
  • Because leaks can be detected so quickly, the scan can become a standard procedure for all serviced vehicles – resulting in more satisfied customers and additional business
  • Immediate detection of even small leakages (avoids faster wear)
  • By offering an extra service, you generate additional business for your workshop
  • Much more reliable and precise than conventional methods
  • Simple, clean and safe to use (no more spilled corrosive liquids)
An indispensable tool, the most time-efficient system on the market
  • No calibration needed
  • Flexible probe swiftly checks even hard-to-reach areas
  • Handy set with WABCO Ultrasonic Detector, isolating headphones, power supply, sensor, cable and sling
  • Affordable, so every workshop should have one as it results in significant time savings, more business and happy customers
WABCO Leakage Detector
  • is used by our service partners
  • is based on established technology within safety relevant industries such as chemical or aviation industry
  • is built on more than 25 years of diagnostic experience
  • uses the proven expertise of 150 years in automotive parts manufacturing
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