Strong contaminations of vehicle parts and tools with oil and grease are challenging problems for every repair workshop which often require the use of aggressive chemical solvents. WABCO now offers a cleaning solution which even cleans heavily contaminated parts in a fast, secure and completely natural way: WABCO BioCircle

Every surgeon knows that a clean environment and clean tools are essential for any successful treatment or surgery. In the same way cleanliness is a main factor for a successful repair of any sensitive and safety related vehicle component. WABCO BioCircle will help you with any cleaning requirement. With WABCO, you become the specialist.

Cleaning used vehicle parts is always difficult because they are mostly heavily contaminated by oil and grease. So far we always had to use aggressive cold cleaners for achieving an acceptable result. Since we are using BioCircle the cleaning of used parts became much easier and faster. Moreover we safe lots of money on expensive chemicals and do not have to worry about the health of our employees or problems of recycling.

Highest performance for your repair business
  • Easy and quick cleaning of used vehicle parts, workshop tools and sealing surfaces
  • The pH adjusted cleaning liquid allows dissolving oils, cutting coolants, greases and similar contaminations without damaging any part surface
  • The micro organisms within the cleaning liquid are capable to digest up to 500ml of oil per day. Combined with an effective filtering system the cleaning performance stays on the highest level
  • The ergonomic and user-friendly design makes cleaning jobs much easier and convenient
  • The intelligent concept allows easiest and quickest maintenance
Cost-efficiency and safety for the daily work
  • Through the constant organic oil degrading process the liquid has a four times higher cleaning durability than most common cold cleaners
  • The cleaning liquid comes ready to use which ensures a constant and high quality
  • Being based on purely natural products WABCO BioCircle can be used without any danger for the health of the operator. Skin irritations, breathing problems or dizziness belong to the past
  • Easy recycling thanks to natural ingredients: No more trouble with environmental regulations and damages
WABCO BioCircle

Start working on the spot with the WABCO BioCircle starter kit 300 100 007 0 containing

  • Compact cleaning machine - 300 100 008 4
  • 5× 20 l canister liquid - 300 100 009 4
  • 2× 500 ml intensive CB100 - 300 100 010 4
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