Air Brake Test Case

The new, modern version is more mobile, user-friendly and can be used for vehicle inspections at any time and any place. It allows your workshops to measure the pressure in a vehicle’s braking and suspension system. In short - a vital tool for workshops that perform official inspections according to local legislation.

Checking the pressure is a specialist’s job. A sphygmomanometer is standard kit for any medical doctor and tells him everything he wants to know about the pressure in your most vital system. In the same way, the only tool you need to carry is the WABCO Air Brake Test Case. With WABCO, you become the specialist.

We don’t have to rush to the official technical control centres anymore for a full check. With the WABCO Air Brake Test Case, we are fully equipped to perform the inspection according to the highest legal standards ourselves. The inspector simply needs to make a final check on the vehicles. This saves our customers lots of time!

Benefits to support your job
  • Fully equipped at an affordable price to perform all official inspections
  • Easy to handle high-quality device
  • Modern device for the daily job comes in a robust case to protect your investment for years to come
A time-saving tool for every workshop
  • 6 different-coloured 6.5m long pressure hoses with gauges avoid port confusion
  • Wide range of connection options to the vehicle (trailer testing device, duomatic adapter, coupling heads, three-way cock) for quick and easy testing of all commercial vehicles
  • Facilitates in particular
    • Commercial vehicles equipped with the WABCO duomatic system
    • Semitrailers and drawbar trailers
    • LSV and the configured predominance
WABCO Air Brake Test Case
  • is recommended by service partners
  • is based on many years of experience in the workshop and inspection environment
  • uses the proven expertise of 150 years in automotive parts manufacturing
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