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The Ultimate Trailer Training

To the outside world a trailer today looks much the same as it's done for decades. Within the industry, however, we know that really isn't true. The modern trailer is a triumph of technology: easier to work with, safer and more efficient – but undeniably more challenging for mechanics. Fortunately there's the WABCO Trailer Training Model to help with that.

What does Trailer Training Model do? Simply, it brings the newest trailer technology into the classroom. It's the ideal training rig for mechanics and apprentices needing to develop expertise with the latest intelligent, electronic trailer technology. Trailer Training Model features the most up-to-date braking and suspension systems on a scaled down trailer test bed, engineered specifically for use as a teaching aid.

The Trailer Training Model is unique: the only product of its kind and light years ahead of the crude braking walls that were the standard when wrenches rather than diagnostic readers were the mechanic's weapon of choice. Learning with Trailer Training Model is a more enjoyable, more useful experience; it prepares mechanics. We thrive by offering our customers outstanding products and services that improve vehicle safety and efficiency. Thanks to our passion for innovation, global capability, commitment to excellence in execution and engineering heritage, we are uniquely equipped to deliver differentiated results.

  • Realistic training
  • Fully functioning original WABCO equipment
  • State-of-the-art vehicle technology
  • Fully diagnosable
  • Mobile & space saving
  • Fun with training
  • Best in class


The Technology That Works For You

The Trailer Training Model features the full suite of intelligent electronic brake and air suspension systems to provide students with the widest learning experience but also the crucial faculty to understand how the technologies integrate and influence one another. The learning experience is very much hands-on: students will not only become familiar with the systems but also with programming system parameters and the diagnostic tools that are invaluable for maintenance tasks.

Trailer Training Model features WABCO's electronic braking system (EBS E), electronically-controlled air suspension (ECAS), the TailGUARDTM reversing module and both SmartBoard and Trailer Remote Control. It also features everything else you might expect to see on a modern trailer such as a fully-functional lift axle, an Immobilizer and our Park Release Emergency Valve (PREV). In short, the
Trailer Training Model shrinks a fully-functional state-of-the-art trailer and brings it into the classroom.


Deliver an Expert Training Experience

Your Trailer Training Model is a precision engineered training aid; it isn't simply a scaled-down trailer fitted with full-size systems. WABCO designers worked with trailer manufacturers to develop the bespoke chassis that underpins the device. The brake and suspension technology are all standard parts – albeit standard parts integrated with a rig that mimics the behaviour of a trailer carrying a full load rather than an unladen model.

Naturally, these standard brake and suspension components are WABCO's own. Being the world's foremost supplier of electronic trailer equipment, we are not only experts in using these systems but, in many instances, their inventors also. 60 years expertise in mechanic training, combined with this outstanding record of innovation, makes WABCO an obvious choice to deliver a comprehensive training device to cover everything from EBS to electronically controlled air suspension.

The purpose in creating the Trailer Training Model was to deliver a classroom training aid that perfectly replicates the systems and situations faced in the real world. No more will employers need to welcome novice mechanics with the hallowed words: "Good morning. Forget everything they taught you at college."


A Class Apart

The WABCO Trailer Training Model has been developed specifically for the needs of technical schools and mechanic training centers. It delivers a highly-relevant learning experience a school can be proud of, turning out students that are instantly a more attractive proposition for employers.

Trailer Training Model has been designed to fit comfortably into the classroom or workshop and is sufficiently compact to be transported in many panel vans. WABCO supplies the relevant training to instructors – and our experience to date is that the teachers have almost as much fun with the model as their students.


A World of Difference Trailer Training Model

WABCO World of Difference logoTrailer Training Model will always be delivered with the most current technology and most recent software. Every purchase is backed by our formidable customer service network, which offers expert advice and hands-on support in every market where the WABCO brand can be found.

WABCO's expertise in trailer technology is backed by over 150 years of manufacturing excellence, while our training systems have armed generations of mechanics with the proper skills to keep the world's freight moving swiftly and safely. This combination of technical expertise and 60 years' experience in the classroom has been instrumental in the R&D project that has created the Trailer Training Model. It allows us to say with confidence this is the most advanced, most realistic, most useful tool for trailer mechanic training anywhere in the world.


Would you Like to Know More?

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